Our Mission

Over the past 24 years we have witnessed digital infrastructure grow into a global phenomenon that underpins every sector in today’s society. The owners and operators of digital infrastructure are responsible for the lifeblood of modern society.

Technical advances in connectivity and server infrastructure are driving society’s ability to deal with social, political, economic and environmental issues head-on. We, as an industry, have done much to become more efficient but we are running out of time and there is much more to be done.

Through a series of conferences, our aim is to drive wider adoption of smarter, more efficient power, cooling and connectivity solutions, stewarding the move towards a more renewable and sustainable future for all data centers to reduce the impact digital infrastructure has on climate change and the environment.

About the Conference Series…

The conference series offers peer to peer networking, high level discussion along with thought provoking and engaging content. They are designed to share the experience, knowledge, ideas and information that will enable end users to design, build, deliver, and operate the next generation of smarter, more efficient utility-grade data center and network infrastructure.

Network with key decision makers and Influencers who operate all forms of digital infrastructure, engage in high-level discussion around smarter more sustainable solutions to minimise the impact our industry has on our environment, visit carefully curated content sessions.

Join us as an attendee if you are interested in learning what steps you can take to manage and operate your infrastructure more sustainably and efficiently.

If would like information on showcasing your solutions, products or services, then drop us a line and one of our team will be happy to lend you a hand and answer any questions you may have.



Digital Infrastructure Partners conference series will be visiting the following destinations in 2019 and we will be adding many more international locations throughout 2020.

Montreal – November 12

Major expansion planned for 2020! Digital Infra Montreal will provide a valuable learning about the commercial and technology challenges for the significant growth in Montréal’s data center capacity.


Chicago – May 20th 2020

According to Cushman & Wakefield, in the Chicago area, several large players are looking to nearly double the size of the data center market over the next five years, to nearly four million square feet. Join us in Chicago to find out how.


Northern Virginia –
October 7th 2020

The world’s largest data center market is still growing. But how are power demands going to be accommodated and how quickly can the use of renewable energy get ramped up significantly?


Digital Infra in 2020


We will be adding several international locations to the schedule in 2020. Dates and locations to be announced.


Our Commitment

Digital Infrastructure Partners are committed to connecting high-level influencers and decision makers who design, build, own and operate all forms of digital infrastructure with service and solution providers who have the technology and know how to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint.

Have your say…..

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