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Digital Infrastructure: A Global Challenge

Digital Infrastructure is the foundation and lifeblood of all modern societies and economies – in both the developed and the emerging world. Its components are sustainable energy, telecommunications networks (fiber and mobile/wireless), the Internet (IoT), and edge-to-cloud data centers. We live in a world in which five billion of us – 75 percent of the population – live in [...]

Sustainable Servers By 2024

I have spent the best part of my life as a big believer in Technocentrism. This is a value system that is centered on technology and its ability to control and protect the environment. I still firmly believe that technology will help society deliver a planet that can be enjoyed by generations to come. In order for technology to [...]

There’s a little Byte in the weather!

January 2019 saw the freezing weather bring power outages across Chicago, earlier in July 2018 it was so hot the Michigan Avenue Bridge had to be hosed down as the metal was expanding and reducing the clearance for boats to pass under. Chicago is just one city, there are thousands more affected by unpredictable climate. What has this got [...]

Are you aware where your electricity comes from?

This is a great site to see the energy sources in various locations globally and understand what percentage of are low carbon, renewable and how different countries carbon intensity ratings compare to one another. As digital infrastructure capacity continues to increase in line with the growth of data consumption the renewable energy make up of the grid will become [...]

Sustainable talent: The Overlooked Resource

Why is it sustainable resources are being reviewed for the data centre industry except for talent? Do we really think our leaders, engineers and creatives will live and work forever? Building a sustainable model for your work force is just as important as the components in your DC builds and applications.#Talent #Skillsgap #STEM are all buzzwords we have become accustomed [...]